A group, South East Coronavirus Intervention Network (SCIN) has urged government at all levels and other concerned agencies to deepen efforts aimed at combating the spread of the noval Corona virus in the country.

This was as the group insisted that there are still lapses to address in the fight against the pandemic, stressing that over 50 percent of people living in the rural communities are not yet abreast with the reality the of the scourge.

The group which made the appeal while featuring in a radio programme, Darling Clinic, (107.3) Owerri, yesterday, said that until majority of the people are conscious of the virus, efforts aimed at preventing its spread may amount to futility.

Speaking, Chioma Egbuagha (Team Lead), Juliet Oguekusi (Health Analyst) and Collins Osuji (Media Analyst) said that aside lacking basic information, there are misconceptions among rural dwellers about the virus.

“From our experience and interactions with some of these people in our communities, it is obvious that while some still perceive Covid-19 as a fake, some others are fed with wrong information about the dreaded virus.

“For instance, we met people who don’t believe that the virus is real or can kill them since according to them, they are Africans and Africans have strong immune to fight it once contacted.

“We also met people who told us that the intake of alcohol such as kai-kai, herbs and other forms of concussions can take care of the virus. This is against what you and I know because as at today, the vaccine to the virus has not yet been discovered.” Oguekusi said.

“We are not saying that the government has not done or is not doing enough in the fight against the pandemic but we expect and appeal to them to up their game. Honestly, people expect more.

“But still, the fight should not be left to government alone, that was why we joined and still appeal that all hands must be deck towards eradicating the virus.” Osuji added

Earlier, Egbuagha said that SCIN comprising Nzukolabs and LearnFactory with support from Ford Foundation, will not relent in rendering services that will complement the existing efforts.

She also urged the government and other concerned agencies to support SCIN to ensure that its objectives and goals are achieved for the betterment of the entire humanity.

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